Travel safely with IT

Often you bring your laptop or other mobile devices on the trip. Here are some questions you should ask yourself .

  • What kind of information is stored on the device (computer, phone, tablet, storage device ...)?
    • How sensitive is the information and do I really need it on the digital device during the trip?
    • Is the information backed up?
    • Do I really need to bring all my devices?
    • Can a specific loan computer and / or loan phone be an alternative?
  • ALWAYS use LTU's VPN service when you are off campus!
    Have you not used LTU's VPN service, read on our support pages for how to use the university's VPN service ?
  • Is the digital device software up to date?
  • Is the digital device equipped / configured with standard security protection You should have turned on and set up automatic locking, password / PIN code, updated antivirus software etc.
  • Do I have a colleague who has visited the country in question and who knows specific things to think about?
  • Are there specific rules in the country in question regarding encrypted information?
    A number of countries has entered an agreement that they allow encrypted data for personal use, to read more and see which countries, see the link at the bottom of the page.
  • Are there other rules / restrictions? (It is difficult to find any coherent information about what applies in different countries - check with the travel agency, the Foreign Ministry and others who have visited the country in question).