Subscriptions for mobile and tablet

Published: 25 October 2019

Here you will find information about the telephone services that are available at LTU, what they cost, and what services are included in the agreement for the LTU work place.

Standard agreement for job mobile at LTU

Mobile connection Grund

  • Free calls within Sweden
  • 2 GB of mobile data
  • Free SMS / MMS

Price per month: 42 kr

  • Calls, data traffic and SMS / MMS from Sweden to abroad are not included.
  • Some services, calls outside our exchange, for example, calls to 133 are not included (we recommend 3900 as voice mail).
  • Extra surf (If surfing ends before new month and you buy extra). Must be approved by the nearest manager .
  • International calls are disabled from startup. Contact the nearest manager who orders the opening via the Service Desk.

Option for service job mobile at LTU

Extension of mobile phone data traffic, additional cost per month

5 GB - 20 kr
10 GB- 45 kr
30 GB - 60 kr
50 GB - 125 kr

Extra surf 
If surfing ends before new month and you want to buy more. Note that surf can be purchased both with corporate subscriptions or with a private card. You get both options in the textmessaged you will receive. Remember that you need to get approval from nearest manager to buy with corporate subscription. 

Price with private card

1 GB - 23,75kr
3 GB - 36,25kr
5 GB - 48,75kr
10 GB - 111,25kr
50 GB - 311.25kr

To buy with private card you will get the correct price list after you type in your mobile number.

Mobile broadband subscriptions for eg tablet

Selectable mobile broadband - it can only be used in Sweden.

Mobile Broadband Basis 0.5-1 GB - 26 kr
5 GB - 58 kr
10 GB - 88 kr
30 GB - 108 kr
50 GB - 178 kr
100 GB - 269 kr
500 GB - 619 kr

Other Services
Additional sim cards 15 kr
Invoice specification 20 kr
Order Detail Detail 160 SEK

Call *120# to see the amount of data traffic you have left