Transfer private cell phone number to LTU

Published: 8 March 2016

If you want your private cell phone number on your work mobile at the university, you need to transfer the phone number to the university. Note that this isn't a shared subscription. The subscription is owned solely by LTU.


  1. Private mobile phone number without a binding period to a Swedish operator.
  2. Mobile phone subscription included in your employment.
  3. Upon transfer to LTU, the university takes the cost. When transferring from LTU the subscriber takes the cost.
  4. Note that the cell phone number wont be displayed to the person you are calling, but the 0920 number.


  1. Download and print the form that is attached at the bottom of this page.
  2. Fill in the field for Frånträdande kund:
    As the form is only available in Swedish you can find the translations below.
    Person-/​Organisationsnummer -> Personal-/organization number
    Kundnummer -> Customer number
    Namn -> Name
    Adress -> Adress
    Postnr -> Postal Code
    Ort -> City
    Telefon -> Phone number
  3. Enter your mobile number in the field for Abonnemangsförteckning (subscription list).
  4. Enter following in the left box for frånträdande kund:
    Ort och datum (city and date)
    Underskrift (signature)
    Namnförtydligande (clarification of signature)
  5. Leave the right box empty, the one for tillträdande kund.
  6. Turn in the form at Servicedesk or post it to:
    Luleå University of Technology
    971 87 Luleå

LTU phone subscriptions are NOT enabled to call abroad, it is not included in the agreement and there is no way to pay for these calls yourself. If you call abroad often in private matters you should not transfer your phone subscription to LTU.

If you wish to transfer your cell phone number from LTU after ending your employment you can use the same form but fill in your details in the field for Tillträdande kund and sign the right box at the bottom instead.