Setup your land line phone

Published: 22 March 2016


  1. Fixed IP phone of the brand Alcatel-Lucent
  2. Functional wired network socket
  3. Request to Servicedesk has been created to connect the phone to your extension.


  1. Turn the phone upside down (so you can access sockets)
  2. Unplug the network cable from your computer or docking station.
  3. Plug the network cable into the socket marked LAN on the phone.
  4. Connect another network cable between the PC jack on your phone and your computer or docking station.
  5. Plug in the power of the phone. If it was already plugged so unplug it for a few seconds, then plug it back in.
  6. When the phone is booted up, it is out of order, press a button on the display.
  7. Press a button and then enter the extension number (the last four digits of your phone number fixed at the university).
  8. Enter the code 0000th

This guide assumes that you have a new IP phone and it is not already connected. If you inherited an office with an existing IP phone, there are two different possibilities.

The phone's display shows Out of service, press a button

Follow the instructions above from step 6.

The phone is running but does not ring when someone calls you, or it is the wrong name on the screen when someone calls you.

Create a case to the Service Desk, the link is below. Press the arrow to the right of the OK button and type in the file whose name and extension standing on the phone display.