Quick Guide, fixed IP phone

Published: 22 March 2016


  1. IP phone  (desk phone) type Alcaltel 4028


Navigate with the arrow keys, and OK buttons at the display.

  1. Change ringtone
    Select Menu -> Settings -> Thelephone -> Call -> Internal calls or External Call -> Select OK when finished.
  2. Change the ring volume
    Select Menu -> Settings -> Phone -> Call -> Level
    The plus and minus buttons, you can select the signal level. Finish with OK.
  3. Respond
    Lift the handset or headset and select Transfer call with a button on the display.
  4. Calling by initials
    Lift the handset or headset -> Press, for example, the M and H button -> Click the button next to Initials -> Navigate with the arrow keys to find the right name -> Click the button next to the correct name and number.
  5. Making external call
    Press 0 followed by the phone number
  6. Making Internal call
    Dial extension number
  7. Calling from last dialed list
    Select Menu -> Utg.samtal -> Scroll through the list and click the button next to the correct number.
  8. Other Features:
    Privacy: Button with handset between + and -, flashes when funtion is activated
    Volume: Raise and lower by pressing the appropriate button.
    Speaker: Push a long press, for example, change from the handset to the speaker on the button with the speaker icon.
    Message: Letter button flashes when you have a notification (missed call, voicemail, text message, etc.). Press the button and see the information in the display.
    Touchtone: When touchtone is needed press F2 when call is on going. Lights when active.