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Redirect phone via voice call

Published: 12 May 2016


  1. Staff at LTU.
  2. Service phone at LTU.

Unfortunately redirect through voice call is only available in Swedish.


  1. Call 998, voice asks who you want to call by asking "Vem vill du ringa?"
  2. Say Hänvisning and then for example if you want to have lunch to 13.00 you say "Lunch till klockan 13.00!"
  3. The voice says "lunch to 13:00, is that correct?" by saying "Lunch till klockan 13.00. Stämmer det?" Say JA!
  4. Your redirect is saved.
  5. When you want to remove your redirect, call 998, say Hänvisning and Radera! to delete it.

Reason table:

  • Gått för dagen - Gone for the day (returning tomorrow)
  • Semester - Accommodations (until further notice)
  • Tillfälligt ute - Out of office (returning HH:MM)
  • Åter klockan  - Returning time  (returning HH:MM)
  • Åter den - Returning date (returning DATE)