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Services for telephone conference

Published: 8 March 2016

Staff at the university can themselves start a conference call or book one through Telia.


The requirements are different depending on whether you book through Telia or use one of the other services. Note that LTU only has an agreement with Telia, other services are open services. All of the services require that the employee sets up of the conference themselves.


  1. LTU organization number: 202100-2841.
  2. Project number.
  3. The phones of the meeting participants can dial 020 numbers.
  4. Book the conference in advance.
  5. The conference will cost 0.75 cents per minute and per participant.



  1. Call 020-0015.
  2. When they answer, enter:
    Your name and e-mail address.
    Company name and corporate identity.
    Project number that should be charged.
  3. If they ask for a customer number there is no such thing. Only the organization number.


Unlimited number of participants. The charge is the standard call rate for all involved in the conference. The service is reachable from abroad, it will cost as an abroad call for that participant.

  1. Call 0771-400 800
  2. Enter a four digit code of your choice.
  3. Inform the participants to call 0771-400 800 and inform them about the code. The number is +46771400800 from abroad.
  4. The conference call is started immediately.

Com Hem Rixmötet Gratis

Applies up to 5 participants, tthe charge is the standard call rate. The service is reachable from abroad, it will  cost as an abroad call for that participant.

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