call redirect (MEX)

Published: 27 June 2016

LTU uses Mobile Extension (MEX) for mobiles which allows the phone to function as an extension in LTUs switchboard.

Mobile Extension (MEX) for mobiles

Mobile Extension enables the phone to act as an extension in the PBX. All mobile calls are routed through the switchboard to the final destination. A MEX solution provides access to all the services necessary for you to do your job just as well, no matter where you are.


Call 8122 (call control is enabled). Reference* via the switch stops all incoming calls.
Only works in Sweden.

MEX out:

Call 8123 (call control is disabled). Reference* via the switch works only on calls to the extension number. Calls directly to the mobile phone number will connect.
Recommended when traveling abroad.

MEX status:

Call 8124 to make a status request.

*) Reference of the phone can be done in three ways, via voice call, reason code or Trio web. See the guides for more information.