EduPrint - printer

Published: 17 May 2016

The LTU standard printer is named Eduprint and is installed on all LTU's computers

When printing to Eduprint , it means that you can print your print at any reader printer. For example, if a printer is out of order, you can choose another nearby instead.

The printout remains 24 hours beforer it is deleted from the system. When you go to a printer and hold up your LTU card, a list of your sent prints appears on the display. Select the prints you want to print and press Start to print them.

We strongly recommend that you use only eduPrint-LTU on EDP-LTU-PRN01 when printing. To retrieve your printout, you can either use card or log in, so even if you forget your card, you can print.

NOTE! You can´t print from any Windows app (for example Egde,..) at the moment.
Use a web browser or another program.