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Print (self adm.)

Published: 30 August 2016

Instructions for adding the printer to your self-managed Mac computer connected to wired network on LTU.


  1. Connected on wired network at LTU.
  2. Self-managed mac computer
  3. User at LTU



  1. Start Finder
  2. Select Connect to Server... located under Go up by the menu bar
  3. Type smb: // as the server address
  4. Log in with <username>@LTUAD.LTU.SE and your LTU password
  5. Select PCClient as the mount volume
  6. Enter the Mac directory that appears
  7. Double-click client-local-install
  8. Start Finder and select Connect to Server .. under Go up by the menu bar
  9. Enter smb: // and log in with <username>@LTUAD.LTU.SE and LTU password.
  10. Select ppd as mount volume
  11. Download the eduPrint_Mac_RICOH_MP_C5504ex.ppd file from mac directory.
  12. Then add a new printer by going to Printers & Scanners
  13. Click + and enter the IP tab and fill in:
    Protocol: Line Printer Deamon -LDP
    Queue: Public-LTU
    Name: Leave as it is or write your own
    Location: Leave blank or write Holdqueue
    Use: Other.. and scroll to eduPrint_Mac_RICOH_MP_C5504ex.ppd
    Click Open and then Add

Now you should be able to select print in your document and find the printer you added. The client (PPClient) must be open when you print and you log in with username and LTU password


If this does not work, a solution may be possible by following the instructions up to step 8. and then

  1. Download drivers for RICOH MP C5504ex via their own support web:
  2. Then add a new printer by going to Printers & Scanners
  3. Click + and enter the IP tab and fill in:
    Protocol: Line Printer Deamon LDP
    Queue: Public-LTU
    Name: Leave as it is or write your own
    Location: Holdqueue
    Use: Select other.. och bläddra till
              NRG MP C5504ex PS
    Click ok.