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Print (self adm)

Published: 24 January 2017

Instructions for adding a printer to your self administrated Windows computer that is connected to wired network or eduroam at LTU


  1. Connected to a fixed network at LTU.
  2. Self-administered Windows computer


Install the print client

  1. Launch File explorer
  2. Type \\\PCClient
  3. Log in with <username> and LTU password
  4. Go to the win directory and double-click the file client-local-install.exe
  5. Approve the agreement and if you have to enter your username again, enter <username> @ and LTU password
  6. You can log in to the PaperCut client with your LTU username and LTU password
  7. To add a printer, either eduprint to be able to pick up your printout at any printer or a specific printer, follow the Add a Printer to Windows guide in the link list below.

    Try connect to vpn if you cant connect.