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Print (self adm.)

Published: 31 August 2017

Instructions for printing from a Linux computer. The guide is tested on Ubuntu 19.04


  1. Linux (Tested on Ubuntu 19.04)
  2. User at LTU
  3. cups cups-browsed and cups-client are installed
  4. Java is installed
  5. libcanberra-gtk-module is installed



  1. Select File Manager and then Connect to Server
    Address: smb://
  2. Log in with username@LTUAD.LTU.SE and LTU password
  3. Download the entire directory linux
  4. Make the file executable to launch the PaperCut client. This must be run for authentication against the print system to work. Start either manually when you want to print or set it to boot automatically or when logon.
  5. Select File Manager and then Connect to Server smb://
  6. Log in with <username> @ LTUAD.LTU.SE and LTU password
  7. Download the duPrint_Linux_Ricoh_MP_C5504ex_PS.ppd file under the Linux directory.
  8. Start a web browser and go to localhost: 631
  9. Select Adding Printers and Classes and then Add Printer
  10. Log in with your local user or configure your cupsd.conf to accept other users
  11. Select LPD / LRP Host or Printer under Other Network Printers
  12. Under Connection, type lpd://
    Name: Public-LTU or anything else you think suits
    Description: Ricoh Print System
    Location: Holdqueue
  13. Select Browse under Or Provide a PPD File and open the ppd file you previously loaded in the description (eduPrint_Linux_Ricoh_MP_C5504ex_PS.ppd)
  14. Under Set Default Options for .. select the last button Set Default Options
  15. Now the printer is ready to use as long as you run the PaperCut client.