No contract for the purchase of computers

Published: 15 January 2020

At present, LTU is contractless when it comes to purchasing computers and tablets. The old PC agreement expired on November 30, 2019. The procurement of a new PC agreement has been appealed and is waiting to be entered in the Administrative Court.

An FKU must be made unitl new PC agreement is signed

LTU is part of a national procurement of PC computers and boards that are handled by contractors at Umeå University. This procurement has been appealed, which means that no new PC agreement was signed when the old one expired.

In order to handle purchases while LTU lacks a contract for the purchase of computers, a renewed competition will be made against the Chamber of Commerce's agreement for the computers that are currently included in LTU's recommended range.

Long delivery times on computer order

The delivery time on a computer ordered now will be at least 50 days. Subject to any vendor undertaking to supply that computer model.

What does the long delivery time depend on?

In the renewed competitive tender, tender documents must be produced, after which the suppliers have 10 days to respond to the request, after which it is a time of 10 days when the supplier can appeal the award. After that, the supplier has a maximum of 20 days to deliver a computer to LTU.

Computers in Wisum

The computer range will continue to be displayed in Wisum, however orders cannot be placed via Wisum until the new PC agreement is in place. To order products in Wisum, you need to create a case in the case management system.