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Published: 15 June 2020

Go through your Junk folder in the mail

This weekend, IT has changed the environment for email as a step in the change we started last year. An error occured and email that should be delivered to inbox ended up in junk folder in Outlook.

You can go to the folder and mark the email as "not junk" and then it will be moved to Inbox.

In the future

Our O365 filter will decide which email shuld be placed in Junk folder. And if you think this is wrong you can help yourself, your colleagues and us by marking the email as "not junk" and then report to Microsoft.

Go to Outlook via

Take a look in the Junk Email folder every day, or at least one day a week, and look through the mail that ended up there. If you find mail that should NOT be in Junk Email, you can select the email and click on the envelope at the top right corner "mark as not Junk" and then report, then the mail will end up in the Inbox again and you have taught the filter.

As we teach the filter what should end up in Junk, but above all what NOT to end up in Junk, there will be fewer errors.

Note! In new versions of the Outlook client you can use the report button in the tool bar as well.

In older versions of Outlook client there is no report function, you can only mark as "not junk", and it will only move the message to inbox.