Webbkurs informationskompetens

Teaching session in information literacy year 1

Published: 12 November 2018

The University Library offers course teachers to order two different workshops for students during the first year, as well as a module for self-study in Canvas.

Please note:

Due to current circumstances, the University Library only applies distance education during HT 2020.

Media and information literacy year 1

A workshop where the student practices searching, evaluating and using scientific material at a basic level.

1. Self studies before the workshop in the module Information literacy which contains obligatory- or training quizzes. Note: the course teacher is responsible for accrediting points on quizzes to the students
2. Workshop, 90 min:
    - Keywords, synonyms and search technique
    - Seeking scientific material
    - Reviewing and evaluating materials

Using references year 1

A workshop where the student practices reviewing, evaluating and using references at a basic level. The student has completed Media and information skills in year 1.

1. Tutorials for workshop in the module References , which contains training quizzes and a final assignment
2. Workshop, 90 min:
    - Reviewing and evaluating references
    - Using references

Please note that the workshop can be ordered for reading period 2 autumn 2020.

Module: Academic writing

The University Library's module for self-study in Canvas.

1. Module: Academic Writing
    - The phases of the writing process - structure, formulate and process text
    - General guidelines for academic writing