Webbkurs informationskompetens


Published: 13 June 2013

Here you can learn more by yourself about, for example, searching information, reviewing and evaluating sources, managing references and academic writing.

Basics in information literacy

In the library's Canvas-module Basics in information literacy, there is general information on

  • information seeking: planning and keyword search, search strategy and document search
  • reviewing and evaluation: criticism of sources, scientific publishing, scientific articles and evaluating scientific articles
  • managing references: referencing, reference examples, copyright and plagiarism

It also includes films about how to search for materials with the library's search tool.

Each section begins with an introduction film and keywords. A text then follows and concludes with a summary of the most important aspects from the section. There are also quizzes to each section.

Other modules

The library also has other Canvas-modules for self-studies.