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Information about library account, loans and renewing of loans, fees, interlibrary loan and interlibrary loan for libraries.

Get a library account

You need a library account to be able to borrow books. Everyone from the age of 18 can get a library account. You don´t have to be associated with Luleå University of Technology to register a library account.

You can use the account at these libraries:
- Luleå  university library
- Department of Art, Communication and Learning in Piteå
- Campus Library, Skellefteå

Loans and renewing of loans

You search for books in the Library Search Tool. If the book is available, pick it up on the shelf and borrow in our lending machine.
The loan period is 14 days for course literature and 28 days for other books. You can extend the loan period if no one else is waiting for the book.

If you want to renew your loan, log in to your library account. You log in with your social security number and your PIN. If the book has been requested by an other library user, it can not be renewed.


If a book is out on loan, you can reserve it.
Use the Library Search Tool. Make sure that "Books and e-books" is selected. To make a reservation, click on Request. You will receive a message when the book is available. The message tells you how long the book is set aside for you.

If the book is available on the shelf, you pick it up yourself and borrow it in the lending machine.


The late fee for course books is SEK 50 in case of delay and then another SEK 50 if the book is not returned/renewed.
The amount is a maximum of SEK 100 per book

If a book is not returned, we consider it lost. The replacement cost is then SEK 800 per title and is added to the library account. It is the same cost for all types of books and materials. The amount is deducted from the account if the material is returned. You will still have to pay any late fees.

All fees are charged as a debt on the library account, which is thus blocked until the debt is settled. You can pay your debt online via My Library Account.

If we do not have the literature you need

If you need material that is not available in our collection, you are welcome to submit a purchase proposal.
We purchase literature within our subjects.

When we can not buy what you need, we can borrow it from another library.
This is possible when you need to borrow scientific material for your studies or research that we do not have.

The service is available to you as a student or you who work at a university or research institute.
Everyone else is referred to their local library.

Interlibrary loan for libraries

Libraries who wish to order from us, order by Libris.
Otherwise, us the contact form below.

Extending ILL
It is possible to extend loan periods itself. Contact library for user code and instructions.