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Published: 28 March 2013

LTU computers for students and staff have three useful programs: TorTalk, Oribi SpellRight and Oribi StavaRex.


TorTalk is a reading aids with speech synthesis. It can read many languages; Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, English, German, French, Spanish, and others. The program can read up all kinds of text. It works for all e-books, locked PDF files and text in scanned images. TorTalk is installed in all computer labs and available for download to private computers, see link to instructions below.

Oribi Spell Right

Oribi SpellRight is a spell checker for Swedish language users who write in English. It includes spelling and grammar checks, a dictionary with 100 000 words, and a text-to speech synthesizer. Available in Google Docs as a plug in.

Oribi StavaRex

Orbi StavRex is a spelling and grammar check for Swedish text.

Staff can install the software on their own computers > “”Software center/manage software”. Students have access to these programs in the computer lab. SpellRight and StavaRex are found in the Word menu under “Oribi”. Voixit SpeakApp is located in the program menu.

If you want to download the programme on our own computer contact Service Point.

Reading audio books

Program to read audio books on your computer downloaded from Legimus when you received your download account. You can also read audio books in the free app Legimus.

e-Text Readers

Textview - download from to a computer with speech synthesis, screen magnification software, Braille display, or special needs keyboard.

More on useful programs are available here: