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Nordkalott Collection

Published: 20 June 2013

All of the Library's literature on the Arctic regions of Fenno-Scandinavia and the Kola Peninsula is placed in the "Nordkalott" Collection. At present this collection contains about 8,000 volumes, covering all aspects of this subject area, and is a collection that continues to grow.

New additions to the "Nordkalott" Collection primarily consist of literature on Norrbotten County and on the Arctic regions of Fenno-Scandinavia and the Kola Peninsula in general. In addition the Library acquires literature on Northern Finland and Northern Norway and the whole Barents Sea region.

Among the old books of travels included in the collection are the following works:

·         Acerbi, Giuseppe: Travels through Sweden, Finland and Lapland to the North Cape. London 1802.

·         Outhier, Reginaud: Journal d'un voyage au Nord en 1736 & 1737. Amsterdam 1746

·         Brooke, Arthur de Capell: A winter in Lapland and Sweden. London 1827

·         Skjöldebrand, Anders: Voyage pittoresque au Cap Nord. Stockholm 1801

·         La Motraye, Aubrey de: Voyages du... en Europe, Asie & Afrique. 1727

The following are examples of works on Ragnar Lassinantti or written by him:

·         Lassinantti, Ragnar: S'oon valehtelematon tosi: pakinoita ja puheita. 1979.

·         Lassinantti, Ragnar: Synpunkter och skildringar. 1965.

·         Laukkanen, Markku: Nordkalottens gudfar. 1992.

Nordkalott: Ragnar Lassinanttis perspektiv. 1990

Ragnar Lassinantti Book-and Art Collection

Luleå University of Technology acquired the Ragnar Lassinantti Book Collection in the autumn of 1990.

Upon the decease of Ragnar Lassinantti in 1985, his book collection was bequeathed to the "Norden"Association of Norrbotten County. Luleå University Library received the greater part of the collection in 1990 in the form of a deposit. The older literature treating the Arctic regions of Fenno-Scandinavia and the Kola Peninsula was acquired through purchase from Ragnar Lassinantti's heirs.
In April 2012 LTU became the formal owner of the collection when  "Norden"Association of Norrbotten County submitted the collection to the library of LTU.