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Luleå University Library a winter day

Welcome to the university library!

The University Library at Luleå University of Technology is both a physical and a digital environment. Physical library is located in the towns of Luleå, Piteå and Skellefteå and the digital library is common.

 In the physical library, we offer stimulating environments for learning and an inspiring academic meeting place where many services are available whether you belong to Luleå University of Technology or not.
The digital library is accessible in its entirety to the university's students and staff. For other customer groups, accessibility is limited outside the library premises.

The endeavor

The University Library is part of Luleå University of Technology and the activities are directed towards the university's vision of innovative educations and groundbreaking research results. To work for open science is one of our important contributions as well as the support we provide for students' development of information literacy and academic writing.

The library is an inspiring environment and meeting place for all our visitors. The library is public and open to anyone looking for new knowledge.

The library in Luleå

The library in Luleå underwent a major renovation in 2020 and here you will find an environment that breathes both tradition and modernity. The room has retained its character and with playfulness and finesse has been renewed. Overall color scheme with reuse of materials has been linked together in a tasteful way. On-site furnishings, both new and renewal of old are interspersed with finished products. The lighting concept is based on variety, functionality and contributes greatly to enhancing the experience of the room.

Here are study environments for different needs, environments that support reading and writing but also opportunities to work with both presentation techniques and visualizations, in theory and practice. Support for cooperation, opportunity to work alone, quiet environments and environments with a pulse.

The building was taken into use in 1994 and has Hans Tirsén as architect.

The renovation was done in 2019-20, architectural offices A and D.

The special carpentry, both adaptation of recycling and new production, Sävar Snickeri.

The lighting solution developed by Designat Ljus Europa AB.


Art fulfills an important function in the public space and has been allowed to take up a large space in the new library. Two new collections were approved by the Swedish Arts Council in connection with the renovation in 2020 and were placed in fine interaction with already existing works.
Selection and placement was made by Åsa Bergdahl, consultant at the Swedish Arts Council.
Themes that link to both the university's geographical location and the research that is conducted have created a fine whole, like mines, indigenous peoples and Arctic climate.
The art is created by well-reputed artists who express and challenge.
Artists such as Katarina Pirak Sikku, Lars Pirak, Hanna Kanto, Kenneth Mikko, Berto Marklund, Anna-Sofia Mååg, Margareta Renberg and Cajsa Holmstrand are some to mention.

The history of the library