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Publish thesis

First, you have to register your thesis in the publications database DiVA and then the Printing office provides the PDF-file. The doctoral thesis must be posted. To post a doctoral thesis is to make it public and thereby giving everyone a possibility to read in advance but also to oppose at the public defense.


How to publish a licentiate and doctoral thesis

1. For electronically publishing:
You have to register your thesis in the publications database DiVA eight weeks before the disputation. If you include previously published articles in your dissertation, make sure these can be made available as full-text. If you are unsure, contact the publisher.

Do this:

  • Register the thesis in the publications database DiVA (don't upload a pdf-file)
  • The library adds the ISBN in the DiVA post.
  • You pick up the ISBN from DiVA and fills in the ISBN in the order form below
  • The printing office delivers the pdf-file to the library.
  • The library uploads the pdf file in DiVA.

2. Posting of doctoral thesis (not applicable for licentiat thesis)
The posting has to be done at least three weeks before the public defence. It is a ceremony where the printed thesis is nailed onto a log in the library entrance. This can be done by you, someone you choose, or by the library.

The library will provide you with your thesis, as well as a hammer and nails. We will serve you some sweets as a mark of this special occasion. If you prefer, bring your colleagues, family and friends. A few words about the thesis from you or your supervisor will be appreciated.

Please contact the library in order to schedule the date. Please use the form provided below.

Note! Update from March 30, 2020:

Based on the current situation, the university library has decided not to hold physical posting ceremonies in the temporary university library premises. 
Posting of the thesis will be done digitally three weeks before the defense. You as a PhD student have the opportunity to book a posting ceremony retroactively when the library returns to regular activity in the library premises again.