Publish reports

At Luleå University of Technology, you can publish different types of reports. Reports have ISSN and ISBN numbers.

As a researcher at Luleå University of Technology you can publish in two report series:

  • Technical Report, ISSN: 1402-1536
  • Research Report, ISSN: 1402-1528

Reports published in these series titles are required to be registered with full-text in the publication database.

You also have the option to register and upload other reports in the publications database, such as reports that have custom-made covers or reports that belong to other series. Such reports can not be included in any of the two report series mentioned above.

How to publish in a report series:

Register the report in the publication database and select the appropriate report series. Remember to upload the full text!

The library will add the cover, title page and ISBN to your report. We will contact you if we need more information.

Keep in mind that you can add an open license to your report. There are many different types of licenses, the library recommends, for example, Creative Commons.

Publish conference proceedings

At Luleå University of Technology, you can publish conference proceedings. You even have the option of receiving an ISBN number for proceedings from university conferences.

Conference proceedings have their own covers and title pages. Proceedings should also include a table of contents, page numbers, and list the editorial committee as well as any other organizations or sponsors.

To register a proceedings in the publication database, you need to be an editor or organizer of the conference as well as affiliated with Luleå University of Technology. The editor will act as the contact as well as be responsible for the proceedings. It is important that external contributors give their permission for their papers to be included in the proceedings.

To publish conference proceedings:

The library can then issue your report an ISBN. Make sure to indicate:

  • The conference
  • The conference proceedings title
  • If it will be printed and/or published electronically

When you have received the ISBN, include it on the cover or title page of the proceedings

If there are two ISBN numbers, indicate which is the printed and which is the pdf/ electronic version.

Good to know:

Upload conference proceedings as a single file. If there is appendix material in other formats, you can upload these alongside the proceedings.

The library encourages all authors affiliated with Luleå University of Technology to upload their conference papers individually as well. It is useful to include the page numbering as it is found in the proceedings.