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Publishing policy

In late November 2014 LTU adopted a publishing policy for the University. The policy provides guidelines on publishing, particularly in regards to open access, at Luleå University of Technology.

The publishing policy recommends researchers to publish directly in Open Access journals (Gold Open Access). As an alternative, parallell publishing is also recommended (Green Open Access). This is where you choose a traditional journal and, after a period of time, deposit a copy of your publication in the university's publication database.

National publishing policies

This new publishing policy at Luleå university emanates from the proposed policy by the Swedish Research Council. The proposal states that all publishing shall be gold open access from 2025.

The Open Access-movement is driven by stakeholders like the Swedish government, the EU and important funders (Horizon 2020, Formas, the Swedish Research council and others require Open Access-publishing), but it is also driven by researchers and universities.

LTU pays more than 12 million SEK annually for traditional journals, and the cost is steadily growing. The EU Commission is strongly recommending its member countries to adopt policies regarding open access to combat these rising costs to research and create democratic fairness. One of the most important arguments is that when publications are funded by public money, the resulting research should be freely available to the public. It should not be paid for again - by the state (the university library). Poor countries, companies and the public have a right to access and read the latest research.

In 2015, the Swedish Research Council drew up their national guidelines and suggestions for the continuing development of Open Access publishing. It is important for LTU to follow how this will unfold.