Latest news about the library premises in Luleå

Published: 18 December 2018

Here you can read the latest about what is going on in the regular library premises and how the work progresses with rebuilding. The library will update continuously.


What happens right now?
Right now, Akademiska Hus is making contracts.

In June, a contract is signed and the current contractor is preparing the start of construction in early August and hopefully we will move into the new library during the month of January.

The library will be located in the same premises and with the same routines as now during HT 2019.

What do we want?
We build an environment with many electrical outlets, energy efficient lighting, good ventilation, different types of study places, easy-to-access self-service, but also good support if you need help.

Our plans and solutions have been inspired by feedback and suggestions from students, the university's educational idea, other university environments and what the research says about libraries as a learning environment.

We want to create a library that works for different educational methods, academic approaches and professional skills, an environment where everyone feels welcome and inspired.