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The writing process

It can be helpful to divide the writing in different phases. It is a good idea to make the prewriting phase a priority. This facilitates the rest of the writing process. Together with your peers you can work with feedback.


  • What should you do? (what kind of work)
  • What is the task?
  • What does the study guide say?
  • What type of text?
  • What is the requirement for that type of text?
  • Who will read the text and in what context?
  • Search and collect material (source criticism)


  • What should the text contain?
  • Plan your disposition
  • What headlines?


  • Academic language and style (for example writing clearly and impersonal)
  • Rephrase and cite


  • Review the structure and formulations
  • Does the text answer the correct things?
  • Proofread


  • Work with feedback a number of times during the writing process, that is, not just at the end when your text is considered done.
  • Feedback should be constructive and concrete. It’s not about finding errors in the text you are reviewing.