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Book a librarian

Book a tutorial - How to search

Librarians and pedagogues helps with information retrieval and reference management. We give guidance in the library or with the remote tool Zoom.

What kind of help can you get?

-how to choose and search in databases
-how to refine the search
-search technique and search terms

What is tutorial?

We work from the concept help to self-help.
You work together with a librarian or a pedagogue and you discuss your questions and thoughts about your searching or citing.
You talk about different ways to improve your search technique and how to develop your search strategy.
You decide what improvements you would like to make in order to proceed with your searching.

What about the tutorial session?

This support is for students, PhD students and researchers who have to proceed with searching in databases or citing.

Before you book tuition, and to get on with your work, you use material on the Library's web page: Search, Search Tips, Subject Guides, Writing, Self-studies in information literacy

A tutorial session is 45 minutes long and can be booked Monday–Friday.
The tutorial takes place in the library or with remote tool Zoom.

Book in time!
Be prepared for the session!

Bring your search history and be prepared to use computer or share your screen to show your searching.
You do the searching and correct references yourself.