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Register and publish your thesis

When your thesis is complete and approved, it needs to be registered in the publication database (DiVA). Your registration will be verified by an education administrator and a librarian before publication.

The first thing to do is create a cover. For this you need to have your thesis in PDF format.

When your thesis has a cover, it is time to register the thesis in the publication database. Follow the instructions in the manual to make sure everything is correct.

It is important that you include your e-mail address so that you receive a confirmation after registration!

Have any films, music files and / or other attachments available as you will have the opportunity to upload them together with the thesis. Remember that you must have copyright or the author's permission if you use image / film / music in your work.

You choose whether you want to publish your thesis publicly, ie. if you want to make the pdf available through Google and other search engines. Publishing your thesis publicly is a great way to promote your knowledge and skills.

If you have any questions about your registration, you are welcome to contact us.  
Keep in mind that we have many theses to check and the processing time can take up to four weeks.