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How can you use pictures?

You need the author's permission to use his or her footage.

You need the originator’s permission if you want to:
  • Use his/her pictures, photographs or illustrations
  • Alter the picture material
  • Distribute the picture material
Likewise if you use picture material that someone else has posted on the Web without permission.
Besides the originator’s permission, you also have to show clearly, who the originator of the picture material is by mentioning the source.
Keep in mind that students’ theses are published openly,and that you need the originator’s permission if you use his/her picture material in your thesis.

Bonus Copyright Access

The Bonus Copyright Access agreement gives teachers and students some rights to use copyright protected picture for educational purposes. 
Read more about this in the Bonus Copyright Access agreement.


The originator sometimes shows through licenses how picture material on the Web can be used, altered and distributed. 
Creative Commons licenses (CC) is one example of such a license.

Pictures you may use

There are picture databases where you may use pictures without the originator’s permission. 
There are different license conditions for how these pictures may be used. 
In general for the licenses is that the originator should always be mentioned. 
Read more about the license conditions in the picture database.
See below for some databases with free pictures.