The university library provides access to a large amount of e-books. At Luleå University of Technology you get automatic access to e-books, but if you are located elsewhere you must log in with your university user account.

Search e-books

If you want to search for a specific title or a general subject area it is best to search the Library search tool. Make sure that "books and e-books" is selected. You can narrow your search to "e-resource" in the right column to find e-books. Click on the title to find a link to the book in full text.

You can also find e-books by searching e-book publishers' pages (see below). Then you have additional search options, such as the ability to search the entire text of your book and browse by topic.

Listen to e-books

Instructions for e-books

Rules for how to borrow, copy, print, and download e-books are different for different publishers.


Cambridge Core

Copying / Printing One chapter or 5% of a book may be copied, and one chapter or 20% of a book may be printed out.

Books can be downloaded chapter-wise in PDF format.



Copying / Printing Up to 5% of a book may be copied or printed out. In order to copy text or make printouts, you must be reading the book online.
Downloading A book may be downloaded for 1-7 days, after which you will need to download it again. Books come in PDF format and require Adobe Reader to be read.

User Account: In order to borrow books, copy text, make printouts and take notes, you will need to register a user account. This is free of charge for the library's users.


EBSCOhost eBook Collection

Copying / Printing Up to 100 pages per book may be saved in PDF format and printed out, depending on publisher. Some books do not allow copying of text. On the details page for each book, you can see which conditions apply to the book in question.
Downloading Downloading of entire books is not permitted. The book must be read online (in HTML, PDF or ePub format).

User Account: In order to save any notes you make in the text, you will need to register a user account. This is free of charge for the library's users.

Limited Number of Users: Some books can only be read by 1-3 users at a time. The number of concurrent users is listed on the details page for each book.



Copying / Printing Single chapters may be copied and printed out.
Download Books can be downloaded in full in PDF or ePub format, or chapter-wise in PDF format. Individual chapters can also be read online.
Other Printed copies: Students and employees at LTU are able to order their own printed copies of those eBooks that are owned by the University Library. The price per each is €24.99.


Taylor & Francis

Copying / Printing Printing and copying is allowed for personal use.
Download Books can be downloaded in full or chapter-wise in PDF format.

Most eBooks larger than 200MB cannot be read online and can only be downloaded.


Open Access (free e-books)