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Book a tutorial – Academic writing

Published: 10 September 2015

Language teachers tutor students in writing, oral presentations and study technique.

What kind of tuition can you get?
Tuition in Swedish or English in:
- Writing, for example:
The writing process
To structure the text
To revise the text
Language and style
- Oral presentation
- Study technique in general

What is tutorial?
We work from the concept help to self-help where you take responsibility for your learning and your studies.
You work together with a language teacher and you discuss your questions and thoughts on your section of text (not complete pieces of text) or presentation.
You talk about improvements that you later work on by yourself.
You decide what improvements you would like to make in your text or presentation.
The final text or presentation is always the result of your own work and effort.
You yourself take responsible for proofreading or reading through complete pieces of your work.

You have to prepare yourself BEFORE you book tuition
To get on with your work, you use material on the Library's web page: Write, Academic writing, Guidelines and tools, Guides and templates, Citing.
There are also useful links lower down on this page.

What about the tutorial session?
This support is primarily for students at bachelor's level (not master students or PhD students).

You have prepared yourself before the session and have used material on the Library's web page to get on with your work.

A tutorial session is 30 minutes long and can be booked Monday-Friday.
You can book 3 tutorial sessions at the most for a piece of work.
Altogether, you can book 6 tutorial sessions at the most during a semester.
We only have booked tutorial sessions and no drop-in.

If it is a tutorial regarding a text, bring a printout of the section of text.

Book in time!
If you are prevented from coming keep in mind to cancel or rebook the session.