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Course literature

The course literature is important for your study!

Make sure you have access to the literature in connection with beginning of course whether you buy, borrow in the library or have scanned literature. Always check if the book is available as an e-book. It provides free access to many simultaneously.


Search current course literature in syllabuses.


Search for course literature in the Library Search Tool. Make sure that "Books and e-books" is selected. Click on a book title to find information on how the book is available.

To make a reservation, click on Request.


The literature is sometimes referred to as e-resource and can be read for free by many students at once. Search in the Library Search Tool under the tab "Books and e-books". Click on the title and you'll find a link to the e-book.


Handouts - your teacher will give you more information.

Course books - buy new or used books. 

Talking books

Students with impairments can get the course literature as talking books.