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The books in the library (Luleå)

The books on the entrance floor have all number codes (Dewey), according to this schedule

Dewey head groups

  • 001-009 Computer science, information and general works
  • 100-199 Philosophy and psychology
  • 200-299 Religion
  • 300-399 Social sciences
  • 400-499 Languages
  • 500-599 Science, and mathematics
  • 600-699 Medicine, technology
  • 700-799 Art and leisure
  • 800-899 Literaure (Novels on ground floor)
  • 900-999 Geography and history

Books with letter codes (SAB) are in the open stack room downstairs.
Fiction (H) is also downstairs.

Upstairs you'll find all of the Library's literature on the Arctic regions of Fenno-Scandinavia and the Kola Peninsula. it is called the "Nordkalott" Collection.