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Photo: Linnéa Bergenudd

Articles and journals

Here you will find information about how to access the latest research in medicine and health. For example, you can search different medical databases or read journals via the journal list.

Photo: Foto: Linnéa Bergenudd

Here you will find links to various databases within the medical field.

Medicinska e-biblioteket tidskrifter

Search the list of journals.

Photo: LInnéa Bergenudd
Order a book or article

As an employee in Region Norrbotten or a medical student in Sunderbyn you can order a book or article here, as an interlibrary loan.

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Follow new articles

Stay up-to-date on your subject area with new article alerts.

Photo: Foto: Linnéa Bergenudd
Search Tips

Here are tips for making your search more efficient!

Photo: FOTO: Linnéa Bergenudd

Welcome to the University Library! We can help you with information retrieval and reference management.

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