Medicinska e-biblioteket logga


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the Medical e-Library, please use the contact form below.

As an employee within Region Norrbotten or as a medical student at Sunderby Sjukhus, you are also welcome to call or visit the University Library at Luleå University of Technology.


The University Library: +46 920-49 15 20

Opening hours on telephone:
Monday - friday                  12 – 14


The University Library has open a limited area of the premises, due to renovation. For current information, see library opening hours.


Mailing address:
Luleå universitetsbibliotek
SE-971 87  Luleå

Visiting address/delivery adress:
Luleå universitetsbibliotek
Universitetsområdet, Beta-huset
SE-971 87  Luleå