New Refworks

New RefWorks

New RefWorks is a web-based reference management system that helps you write references in your text when you use multiple sources. New RefWorks is available for all employees within Region Norrbotten and medical students at Sunderby sjukhus.


New RefWorks

RefWorks Legacy will be replaced by New RefWorks in the year 2019, but so far you can use both versions in parallel. In the new version you have to create a new account with your emailadress from Region Norrbotten, you can do this via the link below.

NOTE! Do not switch to New RefWorks if you have already started writing in a document using the old version of RefWorks Legacy and Write-N-Cite, since both versions cannot be used simultaneously in the same text document.


Log in / Create account

Learn how to use New RefWorks


In order for New RefWorks to work in Word, you need to install a plug-in called Write-N-Cite. When you switch from RefWorks Legacy to New RefWorks, you must first uninstall Write-N-Cite in Word, and you do so under Insert and Add. Then you can reinstall Write-N-Cite from your new account in New RefWorks. Contact the Technical Manager if you need help with the installation.

Connect New RefWorks to a text document

PC: Use Word and Write-N-Cite or Google Docs and the RefWorks extension.                                             Mac: Use Google Docs and the RefWorks extension. You can also use Word and Write-N-Cite or RefWorks citation manager, note that this does not work with any operating system when using Mac. You can read more in New RefWorks, click on your name and then Tools.

Some things to consider

  • Use the latest version of Java
  • Allow pop-ups
  • Two New RefWorks accounts for the same text document will only work in Google Docs
  • Do not use the Track Changes feature in Word when creating a reference list

Contact the university library