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Calendar 50th Anniversary


December 2021

Wednesday 8/12

Thursday 9/12

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Preliminary program Luleå University of Technology's 50th anniversary

Luleå University of Technology's planning for the 50th anniversary starts in the autumn term 2021. We will start with some profile products and give-aways in the university's store at all university locations. Until the autumn, we focus on the web and things that are aimed at small groups.


The inauguration of Luleå University of Technology's 50th anniversary takes place digitally on 9 September 2021. Exactly 50 years since the start of the University Unit for Higher Education and Research in Upper Norrland. The celebration then continues in various forms during the autumn of 2021 and the spring of 2022. We started in January 2021 to tell stories about the university in the form of articles, pictures and interviews, quizzes and challenges. We will continue to add program items until June 2022.

January - June 2021

  • History can be read and pictures can be viewed at
  • Interesting interviews are published continuously
  • LTU Cahllenges on skis and bare ground
  • Seminars and events at Vetenskapen hus
  • Quiz, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s with several quizzes 
  • Profile and anniversary items are available for purchase in the store.

July 2021

  • On 1 July 1971, the formal decision was made to establish Luleå University. 

September 2021

  • Digital inauguration of the 50th anniversary.
  • Awarding of Luleå University of Technology's merit medal
  • Quiz 10s
  • LTU Challenges on orienteering

November 2021

  • This year's anniversary alumni
  • This year's anniversary innovator
  • Thursday 11 November Concert in Kulturens Hus
  • Saturday 13 November Academic ceremony

January - June 2022

  • Winter festival