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Anniversary quiz 70s - winners!

Published: 26 February 2021

See the winners' names here and the correct answers to the questions. The winners have also been contacted via email. Last competition day was 2021-02-14.

The year is 1971, the same year that Apollo 14 lands on the moon and the film Utvandrarna premieres in Sweden. In Luleå, Luleå University of Technology is starting. A young crew, led by Rune Andersson, works together. Over the years, the business develops, both in education and research. Carl-Göran Nilsson becomes the University's first professor in 1972, his resarch subject is Machine Design.

What do you know about other events from our first decade?

Take part in our historical quiz with a focus on the 70s and get the chance to win selected prizes.

Last competition day was 2021-02-14

The winners are

  • Justine Decrozant-Triquenaux
  • Thomas Thorell
  • Linda Vähäjärvi
  • Elina Sorvari
  • Moncia Björnfot
  • Sandra Dany
  • Johan Edenhamn
  • Sara Stark
  • Jasmin Kulo
  • Mattias Orava

The correct answers to the questions are

Question 1: Which of these buildings was the first to be built at Regnbågsallén in Luleå?
1. The D building
X. The F building
2. Centrumhuset (The B building)

Question 2: What education was the University first in the country to introduce in the 70's?
1. Mechanical Engineering
X. Mining Engineering
2. Preparatory Programme in Technology

Question 3: In what year will the School of Music in Piteå become part of the University of Luleå?
1. 1977
X. 1978
2. 1979

Question 4: In which building in central Luleå was the Student union for several years?
1. Shopping
X. Ebeneser
2. Folkets hus (now burnt down)

Question 5: When was the first mini-course for young women arranged?
1. 1974
X. 1978
2. 1979

Question 6: What was the name of the band that became something of the university's house band?
1. Geophonerna
X. Phaestivus
2. Maskinkvintetten

Question 7: In what year was the students' alpine association, now called StiL Alpina, started?
1. 1973
X. 1974
2. 1975

Question 8: What were the popular science lunch lectures that were started in the 70's called?
1. Knowledge lunch
X. Learning lunches
2. Lunch-bunch

Question 9: Which year does the first Higher Technical Vocational Educations start in Skellefteå?
1. 1975
X. 1976
2. 1978