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Headmaster John Sterte is pleased that LTU and Facebook can become significant partners

LTU and Facebook might be significant partners

Published: 10 October 2011

Already in February, LTU:s headmaster Johan Sterte met representatives from Facebook at a meeting at the residence in Luleå. The theme of the meeting was the possible construction of the server rooms of Facebook near Porsön. Today came Land and Environment Court over the news. The man living in Porsön that has appealed the decisions on environmental permits for Server halls will not be granted leave to appeal.

- Now there are prerequisites for the establishment of the server hall in Luleå, and the likelihood that it will be of is very high, says President John Sterte.

Meanwhile, Johan Sterte is careful to point out that the Porsöbo that appealed both the county administrative board and Environment Court decision on Server halls, have had every right to do so, and it is good that he had tried in the courts.

- But I'm glad for the news today and I think it will be very important for the brand of Luleå and the brand of Luleå University of Technology. We have established contact with one of the largest companies in the IT field, says John Sterte.

One of the reasons that Facebook wants to build server halls in Luleå is the proximity to LTU and the possibility of cooperation with both research and education at LTU.

- Above all, it is our Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering, that is interesting in this case, as well as research on technology in cold climates but also the broad expertise available at LTU in general, says Johan Sterte.

He believes that the server halls can make a ripple in Luleå and Luleå University of Technology.

- First, it provides more jobs in Luleå, and lsecond it may lead to other similar establishments in the IT field, says John Sterte.