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LKAB invests 75 million in education

Published: 27 May 2011

LKAB invests 75 million through the newly established LKAB Academy with a focus on secondary schools in Kiruna and Gällivare. In addition, LKAB is strengthening their cooperation with Luleå University of Technology. The focus on LTU from LKAB Academy means that the university can bridge the transition from secondary education in Malmfälten to further university study.

This is done as part of efforts to secure the future of human resource management at LKAB. LKAB plans to increase its delivery capacity from the current 28 million tonnes of finished iron ore products annually to 37 million tonnes in 2015, including by opening three new mines in Norrbotten. The next few years is estimated LKAB therefore need to recruit 1,250 employees.

- We know that school is a factor that weighs heavily in the assessment of the habitat. Attractive educations is important not least when people from other parts of Sweden will be recruited to the company. Good schools give us an advantage in the race for excellence, says Lars-Eric Aaro, Vice President of LKAB.

LKAB Academy will now give the schools in Gällivare and Malmberget opportunity through collaboration with companies in the region while offering an attractive, unique and varied programming which committed and skilled educators create a learning with modern methods.

LKAB Academy will contribute to this by, for example organizing unique courses and lectures, fund field trips and study tours and assist with special materials and guidance on project work. Also, school and preschool / child care can apply for grants at LKAB Academy of activities that can help increase interest in technology among children and adolescents.

As part of this  the LKAB Academy also strengthens LKAB's cooperation with Luleå University of Technology, LTU, for example by funding unique courses and lectures given to researchers, graduate students and students on topics related to LKAB's operations.

- We will also be in the LKAB Academy to offer companies specific courses for the LKAB workers training and retraining in the context of what we call lifelong learning. How much money to be added on at LTU from LKAB Academy is not clear but if you com up with good ideas and thoughts, then I believe there are opportunities for further strengthening cooperation, says Erik Hoglund, Vice LTU.

Particularly interested students outside the EU, has the oportunity by the LKAB Academy to apply for scholarships for tuition fees at university. In order to increase mobility between academia and industry  also professors, researchers and staff will be offered scholarships.

- This is a win-win situation for LKAB and the University. We will, of course, through our programs help to provide LKAB future skills. For LTU does this mean, among other things, that we may be able to offer foreign students from outside the EU grant for relevant training and perhaps the students can pursue graduate work and offered holiday jobs at LKAB, says Inger Bergström, Head of Education and Research.

Since 2004, LKAB has earmarked 200 million for research cooperation with LTU.