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Photo: Katarina Karlsson
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New cooperation for increased skills supply

Published: 15 August 2017

Luleå University of Technology and Norrbottens Kommuner have signed a joint letter of intent to strengthen, among other things, the digitization and future provision of skills for teachers and nurses in the county's municipalities.

– Luleå University of Technology has long been aimed at strengthening development and growth in Västerbotten and Norrbotten. Therefore, I am very glad, that we have reached the state of signature of this joint letter of intent with the municipalities of Norrbotten, says Johan Sterte, Vice Chancellor at Luleå University of Technology.

Luleå University of Technology and the municipalities of Norrbotten want to enhance their strategic and long-term cooperation in skills development, health and care, digitization, education and research, development and innovation, in order to better manage the change in the labor market and the aging population in Norrbotten. Specific cooperation areas and concrete activities will in future be identified in collaboration between the university and the municipalities of Norrbotten at a couple of joint meetings each year.

Norrbottens Kommuner, representing all 14 municipalities in the county sees many opportunities for collaboration with Luleå University of Technology, through the university's strong business community and university education and research in education, health and care, energy and environmental technology, infrastructure, information and communication technology and digitization and information security .

– For Norrbottens Kommuner, digitalization and competence provision in health and school are highly prioritized areas. Increased dialogue and cooperation between the municipalities of Norrbotten and LTU for new innovative solutions to society challenges are crucial for our success, says Kajsa Myrberg, Director of Norrbottens Kommuner.

Luleå University of Technology and the municipalities of Norrbotten will also undertake more extensive strategic initiatives in developmental environments, where technology and entrepreneurship meet. Among other things, they want to start a collaboration between the Innovation Office at LTU, LTU Business and Norrbottens Kommuner.

Contact: Johan Sterte, Vice Chancellor at Luleå University of Technology,, 070-538 35 36