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Open House at the university

Published: 12 October 2016

1,600 high school students from Norrbotten and Västerbotten came to the open house event at Luleå University of Technology. Through lectures, conversations and activities, the youngsters could take part in what the university has to offer.

Students and staff, and even the weather, showed itself from its best side and welcomed the high school students. Including a trio from Sandbackaskolan in Arvidsjaur who all had further studies in their plans and they liked what they saw.

– It is a very nice university and it's great that there are so many programmes to choose from. The staff and students seem dedicated and the campus is very nice, I've got a good impression. I will not continue with further studies right now, but rather to first find out what I really want to read, says Maja Lindström.

– I have thought of applying for an engineering programme. Environment and Water and also Wood Technology was interesting to learn more about, says Sebastian Dagman

– I will apply for the nursing programme at Luleå University of Technology. My impression of the day is positive, it looks nice and it's a great atmosphere, says Edvin Lundmark.

Madelene Berglund had with Sofi Waltare coordinated the planning of the open house. She was very pleased with the event.

– It has been great, everything has proceeded well and it seems that people involved are satisfied. I got feedback from Tim Foster (teacher and student recruiter at the university) who thought it was a "super-successful Open Day", says Madelene Berglund.

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