The living skill becomes Science

How can an innovation develop by taking advantage of easy skill to solve problems in a resource-efficient manner and provide advantage globally? It is a question that researchers at Luleå University of Technology are considering as part of a three-year research project on innovation. Some 40 entrepreneurs in rural India has been interviewed

Training for the world's top orchestras

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra / Stockholm Concert Hall and
Music of School in Piteå, Luleå University of Technology, make a unique venture in Scandinavia. It's about a post-graduate specialist training RSPO Orchestra Academy for young very talented musicians. The goal, a future in the world's foremost orchestras, where the requirements are extremely high - and competition is fierce.

Major investment in the processing industry in northern Sweden

Physiotherapy Study ranks top 15 in the world

Direct contact with Mars

New leader for SFC

Swedish Gas Centre (SFC) is a research center within which nine universities and institutes are collaborating with the industry. The aim is to create a national skills base for research, development and training in the biomass gasification technology and related fields.

Innovations brings profits for the airline industry

Reduced emissions and costs and increased safety. These are just some of the major challenges that the aviation industry is facing. Alessandro Bertoni, PhD at Luleå University of Technology, presents his thesis with a completely new way to approach design in the early stages of developing a new aircraft.

National program launched

Introducing a new research program with an overall objective of contributing to sustainable growth and strengthen the Swedish mining industry.

Switching to green energy

As part of the transition to a more sustainable society is changing the way we consume and produce electricity. Sarah Rönnberg, PhD at Luleå University of Technology, in her thesis examined the implications this may have.

Research favors industry in Africa

Improved methods for cutting hard tropical woods or frozen wood, that is the theme in a new doctoral thesis by Luis Cristovao at LTU in Skellefteå. With his newly acquired knowledge, Luis wants to contribute to the start-up of many new sawmills in his homeland Mozambique.

Research on Biofuels secured

Living with COPD

Fatigue, health and wellbeing of people living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Caroline Stridsman, PhD at the university, in her thesis demonstrates how people with COPD at an early stage is affected by the disease.

Unique Symphony Orchestra Education at Luleå University of Technology

International Symphony Orchestra is a year-long course in which students focus on musicianship, with assistance provided by renowned conductors and instructors.

Digital radio requires high data rate

To build and fertilize with ash

As more and more garbage is burned, the amount of ash that needs to be disposed of in a sustainable way increases.

New efficient solution in social media

Togetherness for meaningfulness

The significance of togetherness in everyday occupations for people to experience meaningfulness and to create change in their life situation is investigated in the first dissertation in occupational therapy at Luleå University of Technology (LTU ).

LTU expands

For the second year in a row Luleå University of Technology reaches highs in terms of recruitment. In total LTU searches 21 strategic key competences, including five professors and eleven PhD students.

New model for mining

The mining process, from the first exploration to the establishment of a mine, is both time demanding and expensive. Cecilia Lund has in her thesis Mineralogical, chemical and textural characterisation of the Malmberget iron ore deposit for a geometallurgical model developed a model that would shorten the process considerably.

Vibrant Bodies of Swirling Flow

A vibrant body of a swirling flow is neither just a flow nor a body. It is both. The overall aim is to foresee and visualize vibrant motion and unsteady flow phenomena that follow with the release of power. That is what Ida Jansson, PhD student at Luleå University of Technology, has researched in her thesis entitled Vibrant Bodies of Swirling Flow -On the Limits of Mechanical Power Transformation