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Internationella studenter
The number of people applying to international programs and courses at Luleå University of Technology has increased by nearly 30 percent. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Great interest in international courses

Published: 23 January 2023

The number of applicants to international courses and programs is increasing. The latest applications shows that more people are applying for international master's programs and also international courses and first-cycle courses and study programmes. For Luleå University of Technology, the increase is close to 30 percent.
"We have invested in international recruitment of students and it is fantastic that it has yielded results", says Jennie Hägg-Wilhelmsson, Head of division Student affairs.

It is the applications that have come in for the international courses and programs, starting this autumn, that now have been compiled.

More applications

According to the Swedish council for higher education roughly 8,000 more have applied for international master's programs at 30 universities and colleges this autumn, compared to the autumn of 2022. Even international courses and first-cycle courses and study programmes have more applicants compared to last year, close to 1,900 more have registered.

For Luleå University of Technology, the figures are very positive overall. In the compilation made by the Swedish council for higher education, Luleå University of Technology is in third place in Sweden in terms of the percentage increase in the number of applicants compared to last year.

Almost 30 percent

In 2022, 3,142 people applied for master's programs at the university, this year 4,036 applied. That is an increase of 28.5 percent.
For International first-cycle courses and study programmes, for example bachelor's degrees, the increase was 29.8 percent. The application numbers increased from 1,295 last year to 1,681 this year.

"This is really great fun. It is also good for the societal transformation and the green transition that is taking place here in northern Sweden. There the companys are dependent on international recruitment. Here they can find new employees", says Jennie Hägg-Wilhelmsson.