Bergsskolan, Filipstad

New board of Directors at Bergsskolan, Filipstad

Published: 14 June 2018

Nine founders from the industry and the municipality of Filipstad have agreed on statutes, appointed a board and collected SEK 12.75 million in donation capital.

"The mining, steel and the rock materials industry needs the skills of Bergsskolan's education programmes. That is why we invest our own money to push the school further," says Johnny Sjöström, chairman of the new foundation, as CEO of Uddeholms AB in Hagfors.

The school, which is an academic part of Luleå University of Technology, currently has four university programmes. Despite the bankruptcy of the old foundation last year, applications have been poured in for the autumn's educations.

It is still possible to apply for autumn programmes. Bergsskolan applies so-called late admission and can assume qualified students until term launch if there are places left.

"We are looking forward to welcoming a new group of students," says Phillip Tretten aLuleå University of Technology, responsible for Bergsskolan.

"It's always hard to know how many applicants really show up on the day of registration and start their studies, but at least on the metal side we have places left," says Phillip Tretten.

In addition to the four academic programs, Bergsskolan provides a base year  given as part of the municipal adult education program in Filipstad Municipality. Students who passed the base year are guaranteed a place at Bergsskolan's engineering programmes. The base year is still open for applications.

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