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Moved to the other side of the world – found love

Published: 10 July 2019

Carrie Chan and Thomas Flament met for the first time ten years ago at Luleå University of Technology when they were here as exchange students. This summer, they visited the University to take pictures for their wedding in Hong Kong this fall.

– Luleå is one of the nicest place I visited and now also the place where I completed my graduation and first met my future wife, says Thomas. 

Carrie from Hong Kong studied English and Thomas from France studied courses within Materials Sciences when they met in the winter of 2010. They became friends, shared an apartment with some other students and then continued to have contact after they left Luleå. When Thomas moved to China for a job, friendship developed into love.

– Thomas and his friends came to Hong Kong for holiday, and I acted as the tourist guide for them and introduced my country. We were the only two to share our experience back in Luleå, and this enabled us to get more familiar with each other, says Carrie. 

This summer they returned to Luleå and the place where they met to celebrate the 10th anniversary with their class mates. They also took pictures for their wedding in Hong Kong. For both of them Luleå is a special place. 

– Our visit this time is the 10th year anniversary. I hope we will visit Lulea again in the 20th, 30th, says Carrie. 

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