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Teachers won international music competition

Published: 10 May 2019

In rock hard international competition, Mathias Lundqvist's song Hopp och Lek was named winner when the US-based songwriting competition International Songwriting Competition (ISC) announced this year's winners. Songwriters and composers from all over the world participate and in the jury groups there are world stars such as Kenny Garrett and Tom Waits.

– It feels very unexpected! It is a big competition with many participants, and among the 15 finalists in my category there were a number of well-qualified international names, so I didn't think I would have any chance. Exactly what this will mean for my future music career is unclear but it looks nice in the CV, says Mathias Lundqvist, senior lecturer at Luleå University of Technology and teacher at the graduate programs in music.

World stars in the jury groups

ISC is an annual competition that praises aspiring and established songwriters / artists in a variety of genres. In the jury groups there are some of the music industry's biggest stars where names like Tom Waits, Ne-Yo and Marc Anthony stand out. In the jazz category, which Mathias Lundqvist competed in, there were great artists such as Kenny Garett, Peter Erskine and Ted Nash. A fact that gives the price extra weight.

– It means a lot to me being selected and praised by such a group of musicians. Peer recognition is in many ways the most valuable form of recognition, as it is based on initiated knowledge of the craft, says Mathias Lundqvist.

The winning song Hopp och Lek was written in one of the world's real jazz metropolis.

– It was composed in a rented apartment with grand piano in Harlem, New York. Most of my debut album För kännedom was written during that stay.

Active artistry is important for the quality

Alongside his own music career, Mathias Lundqvist teaches at the School of Music in Piteå. A proven good environment for aspiring musicians and composers, only in recent years, a number of teachers have been awarded both national and international awards for their artistry.

– Of course, it's a good sign. The fact that teachers in artistic subjects also have their own active artistry to refer to is important for both quality and credibility, says Mathias Lundqvist.

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