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Niklas Wiik
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Student is praised by the Skyttean community

Published: 10 June 2019

The future music teacher Niklas Wiik is awarded the Skyttean Society's prize for Young Musician trained at the School of Music in Piteå.

– There are really no words that can sum up the feeling but it is incredibly fun to be awarded the prize. I was both shocked and happy when I learned that I received the award, says Niklas Wiik, who is studying for music teacher on the subject teacher program at Luleå University of Technology in Piteå.

A self-confidence boost

The prize from the Skyttean community he describes as an acknowledgment that the personal development has progressed.

– It means very much to me. First and foremost, it becomes a confirmation of all the time and energy I spent on my studies. I do not know how many music teacher students have been awarded the prize before me but overall it means a lot to me personally. It is difficult to get away from your own bubble and see the development from the outside. It will inevitably be a little self-confidence boost.

Skyttean society is a gathering body based in Umeå, which, based on science, wants to promote education and culture in Norrland, and work for research on Norrland. The prize money for the category "Young musician trained at the Schoo of Musicl in Piteå" amounts to SEK 40,000. Well-needed money for Niklas Wiik, who in the autumn starts work as a music teacher in Kalix.

Start working as a music teacher this fall

– I have always been interested in books about music theory so I will continue to build on my library. A big reason for this is because I would like to write a book or a compendium that I can use in my teaching and then the books of others work as good inspiration for my own material. I have also decided to rest during the summer before the autumn work as a music teacher. Then the money comes in handy.

When he leaves student life after five years of study at Luleå University of Technology and embarks on a professional life, he hopes to be a part of strengthening the cultural life in the home county of Norrbotten.

– My dream is to be involved in developing and contributing to the cultural life in Norrbotten. I grew up in Haparanda and have gone to upper secondary school and folk high school in Kalix and have experienced that it does not happen very much there. It would be fun to arrange cultural events, especially for the younger generation, and thereby get people who do not already attend the cultural school or such interested in music. Of course I myself want to play as much as possible and hope that I can get together something fun with my friends who still live up north.

Why did you choose to study for music teachers?

– I have long enjoyed music and during my time as a student I have had many teachers who have been incredibly inspiring. Like my teachers, I want to inspire others to make music. I have also enjoyed teaching for a long time. Actually, I wanted to work with computers and programming but life is funny and here I am and I regret nothing.

What has been the best thing about your study time?

– To do what I want and gain access to resources that have enabled me to do what I want. There are many opportunities when studying at a music college.

Do you have any advice for anyone who is looking to apply for the program?

– Take care of your time. Five years can feel like a long time but suddenly you stand there with a degree around the corner and you wonder why you didn't take advantage of your years better. Get things done in time and don't forget to have fun too!