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New expertise in digitization for built environment

Published: 4 April 2019

Olle Samuelson, new adjunct professor at the Division of Industrialized and Sustainable Construction, will research the impact of digitization and opportunities in the built environment, an area where a lot is developing right now. Luleå University of Technology as a strong research environment with close bonds to the construction industry becomes an excellent partner for IQ Samhällsbyggnad.

What is your research about?

Today I have a strong focus on the digital transformation of our sector and the opportunities it creates both for the companies and for the development of society in my roles within IQ Samhällsbyggnad and BIM Alliance. In my research, I will focus on the changes that are needed in value chains, roles and incentives to benefit from BIM and digitalization. I also see a strong synergy with the work we do within IQ Samhällsbyggnad in order to strengthen the sector's R&D efforts in general, and to create and run research and development programs. I believe and hope that the cooperation will strengthen both the academy and IQ Samhällsbyggnad in our common goals.

What is your background?

I grew up in Luleå, which makes it even more fun that it is at Luleå University of Technology that I am now going to get involved with. I have a Master of Science (MSc) and an licentiate degree from KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) and has a PhD at the Swedish School of Economics (Hanken) in Helsinki. I have worked in various positions within community building for the past 30 years, mostly as a consultant, but with a lot of focus on development issues and with IT and digitalization as the driving force. For more than seven years, I've been at IQ Samhällsbyggnad where I work with the Smart Built Environment program and with research policy issues. I am a dedicated choir singer and I am happy to spend free time in our summer house on Gotland.

Why adjunct professor?

I have previously divided my time between business and academia, partly as an industrial doctoral student and partly as an adjunct faculty at KTH, and it has been very stimulating with the connection between the exploratory and the analyzing work versus the practical applications.

During my time at Tyréns I worked with a consulting firm's development of BIM and to some extent also industrialized thinking, and have for more than five years been working with the industry development through the association BIM Alliance. Now it feels very exciting to, together in an academic environment, take on all the experiences and develop new knowledge about how we can contribute to the digital transformation. I believe that the industry is facing major changes and that much new knowledge is needed, where the academy is a key player to make it happen.


Division of Industrialized and sustainable construction