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80-tals quiz

Anniversary quiz 80s - winners!

Published: 26 March 2021

See the winners' names here and the correct answers to the questions. The winners have also been contacted via email. Last competition day was 2021-03-14.

In the 1980s, the Berlin Wall was demolished, Svetlana Savitskaya became the first woman to take a space walk and the personal computer made its entrance. In 1989 researchers from CERN creates World Wide Web. One of them, Vinton G Cerf, was later appointed an honorary doctor at Luleå University of Technology. The 80s is also the decade that Luleå University of Technology becomes one of the first universities in Sweden to launch the Master Programme in Computer Science and Engineering.
The University has grown significantly since the start, both in terms of the number of students and employees. At the tenth anniversary in 1981, the first academic ceremony is held.

Last competition day was 2021-03-14.

The winners are

  • Eric Danielsson
  • Johan Edenhamn
  • Niklas Holm
  • Staffan Lundberg
  • Doris Björnfot
  • Emilia Nilsson Vestola
  • Mats Westerberg
  • Marie Jakobsson
  • Juha Koivunemi
  • Thomas Thorell

Correct answers are:

1.Who was the Vice Chancellor at Luleå University of Technology throughout the 1980s?

  •   Ingegerd Palmér
  •   Torbjörn Hedberg
  •   Sven Olving

2. The music teacher education becomes part of Luleå University of Technology in 1978. In what year were the new premises at “Berget” in Piteå inaugurated?

  •  1985
  •  1986
  •  1989

3.During the first half of the 1980s, a student at Luleå University of Technology developes a product that laid the foundation for a world-leading company in its field. What kind of product was it?

  •  Recycling machine for recycled paper
  •  Braille printer
  • Mobile treatment plant

4.At the University's tenth anniversary, the first doctoral dissertation and the first professor installations are held. Four honorary doctors were also appointed: Lars Granar, Gösta Hägglund, Lars Nordström, and yes - who was the fourth?

  •  Gusten Granström
  •  Rune Andersson
  •  Ragnar Lassinantti

5. During the second half of the 1980s, our researchers within wood technolgy in Skellefteå were out early to x-ray logs. The university did not yet have its own computed tomograph - where did they take the logs for the X-ray?

  •  The hospital in Skellefteå
  •  Rönnskärsverken
  •  Forsmark

6. In May 1988 Teknikens hus was inagurated, Sweden's northernmost science center and one of the first in the country. How many visitor have been there since that?

  •  Almost 2 000 000
  •  About 3 000 000
  •  Over 4 000 000

7. In the autumn of 1983, Luleå University of Technology, together with Luleå Municipality and Piteå Municipality, formed the Centek Foundation. The foundation later transformed into Centek AB - which today is called what?

  •  LTU Holding AB
  •  LTU Business
  •  LTU Professional education

8. Högskolan i Luleå startade med 50 studenter 1971. I dag har Luleå tekniska universitet 17 200 studenter. Hur många var det 1989?

  •  Around 1500
  •  Almost 3000
  •  Around 4000

9.Luleå University of Technology was one of the first higher education institutions in Sweden with a degree in computer technology. What year did it start?

  •  1982
  •  1985
  •  1988

10. The LTU orienteering is an activity that has a long history at Luleå University of Technology. It is formerly and still known as the Personnel Orienteering and attracts employees and their families to the forests every autumn. What year did it start?

  •  1981
  •  1983
  •  1989