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Uppdragsutbildning i elkraftteknik och energiteknik
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Commissioned training meets the electricity industry's skills needs

Published: 14 April 2021

The good collaboration between Luleå University of Technology and the Swedish Public Employment Service in commissioned training for foreign-born engineers is being expanded. The training offer is supplemented with two new fast tracks in electric power and energy technology that will meet the industry's need for the right skills.

There is a great demand for engineers in the energy sector, not least due to extensive electrification and the ongoing transition to a fossil-free society. On behalf of the Swedish Public Employment Service, Luleå University of Technology is therefore starting two new distance educations that are given on the basis of the fast-track method for university and civil engineers without or with limited experience of Swedish working life.

- The goal is to contribute with strategic competence supply that strengthens both the individual and society. The fast tracks give people with a foreign education the opportunity to supplement and obtain important and specific skills that are in demand in the Swedish labor market. In addition, the educations contribute with a piece of the puzzle in the major societal change, says Ivan Cvitic, investigator and coordinator for the fast track at the Swedish Public Employment Service.

Welcome by the industry

The employment service and the social partners in the energy sector have been collaborating for a few years on issues concerning the establishment of new arrivals in the labor market. Together with the industry organizations, some professional specializations with a great need for skills have been identified.

- The industry association views the collaboration on competence supply in general very positively and for specific initiatives to be successful, it is often necessary to collaborate to get a good outcome, says Elin Fellers, project coordinator at Energiföretagen Sverige.

Starts in the autumn of 2021

The educations are carried out at a distance starting in the autumn of 2021 and consist of four course modules with a total of 30 higher education credits. They are carried out through lectures, seminars, laboratory work, project and group assignments as well as study visits.

- We are proud of the Swedish Public Employment Service's confidence in the university as a provider of commissioned education and look forward to the start-up, says Erik Elfgren, senior lecturer in Energy Technology at Luleå University of Technology. This is the first time that the subjects electrical power and energy technology have designed a commissioned training for this target group, which is why previous collaborations between the Swedish Public Employment Service and Luleå University of Technology have facilitated the process.

- Phillip Tretten, Head of Education, SBN and Ass Prof Operation and Maintenance Engineering, who has previously developed a fast track, we have generously been able to share contacts, experiences and inspiration, which we of course appreciate, says Erik Elfgren.

Key role in competence supply

LTU Professional Education, the university's organization for further education of professionals, has a key role in ensuring the supply of skills and the lifelong learning of individuals.
- The successful collaboration between Luleå University of Technology and the Swedish Public Employment Service shows how important it is for different actors to work together for Sweden to meet the skills needs that exist and at the same time be able to offer people good opportunities for lifelong learning. Therefore, it is positive that we can now expand this collaboration with two new courses in electric power and energy technology, two areas that are incredibly important for the green transition and for the business start-ups that take place in northern Sweden, says Birgitta Bergvall-Kåreborn, principal at Luleå University of Technology.

Pernilla Tingvall

Pernilla Tingvall, Project Manager

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